Up your interior property photography game!

So you want to take better photo's of your property to maximise income from your sale or rental? Below are a few handy tips on how to do just that!

  • Use a DSLR camera that allows you to shoot manual settings (some phones even let you do this now, however the quality just doesn't match that of a professional camera and lens).

  • Use a wide angle lens. This allows you to capture entire rooms in one photograph and give a sense of scale. You should also use a standard focal length lens to capture details and unique selling points.

  • Use a tripod for stability to let you capture crisp, sharp photos.

  • Light, light and more light.

  1. Let as much natural light into the property as possible.

  2. Use a camera mounted flash gun - point the flash towards the ceiling to bounce the light and distribute it evenly around the room.

  • HDR (High Dynamic Range). Light is nearly always brighter outside than it is inside, so when taking a photograph inside that includes a window you will often find the window is 'blown out' (completely white). You can get around this by shooting multiple exposures and merging them together. Below you can see I've taken 3 exposures of a room (1 for the shadows, 1 for the mid tones and 1 for the highlights) and merged them together - the final result has been edited in Adobe Lightroom.

  • Preparation. Make sure your property is clean and presentable! If you are advertising an airbnb or holiday cottage then you could lay out a breakfast or set the table so your guests can imagine themselves there!

  • Image processing. Edit your photos to lighten, sharpen, adjust colours and tidy up your images. Make sure photos are nice and straight and not on the wonk (yes, that's a technical term there!)

I hope the tips above help you to start taking better property photos and help you maximise your rental/sale profits!

A lot of the equipment and software mentioned above aren't things that many people will own and is all expensive to purchase, so hiring somebody like myself who has the equipment and expertise will often be the best way forward in terms of both value and end results.

My property photography package starts at just £100 (for up to a 3 bedroom property).

If you would like any further tips and help with property photography or are interested in booking me for a shoot then please contact me today. More information on my property photography along with a gallery of some of my recent work can be found on my property photography page.

Thank you for reading!